Diagnostics Imagetests

Tests – Diagnostic Imaging
At DANNY PET CLINIC, modern medical equipment is invested to serve the care of pets. When necessary, the doctors will conduct imaging methods or do tests to provide the right treatment for your pet.

Image analysation
• Ultrasound: This is a common method used to assess the health of pets and diagnose diseases in cases of pregnancy, tumors, abdominal diseases and many other problems.

• X-ray: X-ray machines are often used to detect bone and joint problems, tumors, foreign bodies in the body such as kidney stones or intestinal foreign bodies and diagnose many other diseases.

Testing services
• Blood tests.
• Virus testing.
• Rabies antibody test
• Urine test.
• Skin testing.
• Stool test.
• Antibiogram.

In addition, DANNY PET CLINIC also cooperates with foreign laboratories in case your pet needs more specialized tests.

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